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About Pardis Yazd
Pardis Yazd was registered as Behsarma Company in1974 and later changed its name to Pardis Yazd in 1997. And it’s main activity is in the field of Airport Equipments, covey system, gates and Telescopic Passenger Bridges.
Opportunities for cooperation:
Pardis Yazd Company is ready to have international cooperation in the field of design and production and Technology Transfer.

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Behsarma - Manufacturer of Supermarket Equipment
Our Customers
Imam Khomeini Int. Airport (IKA)
Mehrabad Int. Airport (THR)
Mashhad Int. Airport (MHD)
Kish Int. Airport (KIH)
Al Najaf Int. Airport (NJF)
Shiraz Int. Airport (SYZ)
Isfahan Int. Airport (IFN)